What is private domain registration?

Each domain registered must have contact details publicly available for that domain so that the owner may be reached if necessary. The contact details are stored in a WHOIS database and WHOIS information for all domains can be found online using a number of WHOIS sites.

Information such as your name, postal address, e-mail address, phone number, etc are usually listed publicly in the WHOIS database for anyone from the public to access. Private registration acts as a middle man so that instead of you personal information listed as the contact details for the domain, Autumn Walker's company name, address, phone number, etc are listed instead.

Autumn Walker offers private registration for free however private registration is not allowed with all types of domains.

Other Important Points

  1. Private Domain registration is not available for .ca domains.
  2. Subdomains cannot have Private Domain registration.
  3. No Private Domain registration for External Domains. You will have to contact the registrar of the domain.
  4. When you change a domain's registration from Private to Public, a warning is displayed saying e-mail address in WHOIS will be deleted and any e-mail in a mailbox is deleted (unless forwarded to an external e-mail address).
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