How do I enable AutoSSL on my account?

AutoSSL is enabled on all of our current shared hosting accouts by default; however, if you have disabled it or have an older account before AutoSSL was available, here is how you enable the feature.

1. Click on the SSL/TLS Status button, under the Security section, within cPanel (highlghted in orange below).

SSL / TLS Status Button in cPanel

2. Select the checkboxes next to the domain you would like to enable AutoSSL for or select the top checkbox to select all of your domains.

SSL / TLS Status Checkboxes

3. With all of the checkboxes checked for the domains you want to enable SSL for, click the button labeled "Include domains during AutoSSL". Optionally, click "Run AutoSSL".

When you enable AutoSSL an automated check will be run each night by the server to validate the expiration dates of any domain validated SSL certificates on your account. If it notices any expiring certificates it will automatically issue and apply a new certificate for you!

Note: AutoSSL will not attempt to replace / renew certificates which it did not install. You can replace your existing certificate with an AutoSSL certificate by first removing the SSL certificate from your site and then running the steps above to issue a new AutoSSL certificate.

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