How do I change the version of PHP on my account?

Your shared hosting account supports multiple versions of PHP and allows you to select which version you choose to use by entering details into your .htaccess file(s).

To change the version of PHP your domain uses via GUI login to cPanel and click on the MultiPHP button (see screenshot below):

MultiPHP Button

After selecting the MultiPHP manager you are presented with a list of your domains and subdomains. The following screenshot shows key parts of the MultiPHP Manager screen:
  1. Current system version of PHP (this is the version used when you select "inherit"
  2. The selection box(es) for your domain(s)
  3. The PHP selection dropdown
MultiPHP Manager

Select the domains you want to update the PHP version for (number 2), then select the version of PHP you wish to apply (number 3), and click the "apply" button. cPanel will automatically apply the .htaccess changes to your domain(s) according to the selections you make.

If the process fails it is likely because your pre-existing .htaccess file(s) do not have the correct permissions. Please open the cPanel file manager and change the permissions on your .htaccess files to 644. When you have updated your permissions please attempt to apply the PHP version again. You may reset your .htaccess permissions to their previous values after the PHP version has been updated by cPanel.
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